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Signature Treatments2 syringes
8 point facelift by HELEN BOWES
lift cheeks, jowls, tighten jaw, correct nasal folds
6 point facelift by HELEN BOWES
lift cheeks, tighten jaw, correct nasal folds
PDO Thread Lift
Fine thread contouring & body contouring with NeoDr Bio-degradable PDO threads
10 point thread lift (3D/4D Soft barbed cogs)
cheeks, jowls, nasolabial folds & neck
Full face (3D/4D Soft barbed cogs)
cheeks, jowls, chin & neck
7 point thread facelift / 5+2 point lift (3D/4D Cogs)
cheeks, jowls, marionette lines
5 point thread facelift (3D/4D Soft barbed Cogs)£1649
3 point thread facelift (3D/4D Soft barbed Cogs)£1099
Upper or mid cheek lift£1099
Neck lift/Jaw tightening£1099
Double chin lift£699
Lip contouring£599
Eyebrow thread lift£599
Tear trough correction£599
Decolletage lift£599
Nasolabial fold correction£599
Marionette lines lift£599
Forehead lines correction£599
Abdominal thread lift£1099
tighten upper arm tissues (bingo wings)
knees & thighs thread lift£1599
Ankles (cankles) thread lift£599
Advanced Treatments1 syringe2 syringes
Dermal fillers treatments: Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Teosyal
Tear trough correction
tear trough fillers and eye circle treatments
Lip enhancement
Lip touch up
lip fillers for gentle touch up, minor defects, asymmetry or unevenness. Small syringe
Lip augmentation
lip fillers for plumping & volume. Large syringe
Lip contouring outline definition
sculpting, shaping, philtrum, vermillion border, cupids bow
Cheek augmentation
volume enhancement, upper or mid cheek
Cheek augmentation (Juvederm Voluma)
volume enhancement, upper or mid cheek
Chin augmentation £329£629
Nose reshaping £329£629
Jaw definition
jaw augmentation, contouring, jowl lift
Jaw reduction
jaw line reduction and tightening
Eyebrow lift arching, leveling,
brow flicks, Nike tick
Skin rejuvenation
revitalise ageing skin
Face, hands, neck or decolletage£249£479
Medical Treatments1 vial2 vials
Botulinum toxin type A: BOTOX® BoCouture Azzalure
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating): Underarm, hands, feet, forehead£399£699
Migraine treatment£259
Basic Treatments1 syringe
Botulinum toxin type A: BOTOX® BoCouture Azzalure
Facial lines & wrinkles
Forehead lines, Glabellar (frown lines), Crows feet, Lip lines, Nose lines2 areas: £199
up to 35 units
2 areas: £229
up to 40 units
3 areas: £269
up to 50 units
BOTOX® for men2 areas: £239
up to 40 units
3 areas: £299
up to 55 units
Additional Units£5 per unit£5 per unit
Dermal fillers treatments: Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Teosyal
Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)£249£479
Mouth lines (marionette lines)£249£479
Lip lines (perioral/smokers lines)£299£479
Chemical Skin Peels1 session3 sessions
Improve skin tone and pigmentation. Tighten skin. Treat acne, acne scarring, lines and wrinkles, photo damaged skin, etc.
Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance£130£375
Obagi® Blue Peel TCA (trichloracetic acid)£375
Genuine Dermaroller®1 session3 sessions
Collagen regeneration. Treat acne & chicken pox scars, stretch marks, sun damaged skin, skin rejuvenation, etc
Face & neck£250£699
Chest, legs, abdomen£299£849
IV Nutrition Therapy1 Session8 Sessions
Intravenous vitamin injections for sports, executives, professionals and general well being
Energy Boost, Athlete & Sport, Antioxidant, Classic Drip£250£1750
Immunity, Hair Restoration, Anti Ageing, Diet & Detox, Relaxation/Mood Support£300£2100
Vitamin B12 Booster£50
Medical consultationsTreatmentNo Treatment
Initial consultationFREE£50
Review appointmentsFREE
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PLEASE NOTE: £30 – £50 supplement for all men’s injectable treatments due to the higher volume of product administered.


A non refundable £50 booking deposit will be charged to new clients. This is deductible from treatment cost.

Free Consultation with every treatment

A comprehensive medical consultation is provided free with every treatment. Consultations taken without a treatment will incur a £45 charge. Clients are welcome to enquire about any of our treatments or seek free advice without obligation.


A paid consultation can be taken as deposit towards a treatment for up to 28 days. For further information relating to pricing, consultations and deposits please see:
Terms & conditions of business

Wedding Packages

We offer a variety of personally tailored wedding packages designed especially for both the bride and groom. Treatments range from basic line and wrinkle filling to advanced thread lifting and 3D sculpting with dermal fillers along with treatment for skin conditions, excessive sweating and even specialist medical treatments for protection and repair against sunburn. Ideal for those honeymoons in the sun.


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