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We are the leading medical skin clinic for PDO thread lift and non surgical facelift treatments in UK. Our practitioner Helen Bowes is an internationally respected expert and APDOT accredited global lead trainer in all PDO thread lift procedures for the face, neck and body.


Consider the facts… We have performed over 1400 PDO thread lift and skin tightening procedures in UK to date without a single injury or complication. We perform more advanced and complex PDO thread lift procedures than any other skin clinic in UK. Helen Bowes is highly respected among senior peers for her creative flair and her enviable reputation for safety and correctness. A PDO thread lift costs from only £599 per treatment and we have over 100 different procedures to choose from.


What is a PDO thread lift?

The PDO thread lift is a non surgical medical cosmetic skin tightening procedure designed to lift and tighten areas of the face, neck, stomach, arms, legs or ankles. Fine polydioxanone threads are inserted under the skin through a small cannula. Once in place the threads are manipulated to give the necessary lift and/or tightening of the tissues. PDO thread lift has the advantage over all other thread lift types in that the threads are anchored to give a real face lift and not just skin tightening.


How are thread lifts performed?

The thread lift employs techniques similar to acupuncture with each procedure being performed under local anaesthetic. A small cannula is then inserted into tissues beneath the skin to guide the thread into place. When the cannula is removed the thread remains, suspending the tissues to give the required lift. Skin tightening and collagen growth occurs over 3-6 months. The threads are fully biodegradable within 6 months.

The 7 Point PDO Thread Facelift by Helen Bowes
PDO thread lift before & after (7 point face lift before treatment + 4 weeks after)
The 5 + 2 Point Thread Facelift by Helen Bowes
PDO thread lift before & after (5 + 2 point face lift before treatment + 3 months after)
PDO thread lift for men by Helen Bowes
PDO thread lift for men before & after treatment
The 5 Point Thread Facelift
PDO thread 5 point face lift (before & 3 months after treatment)
PDO Thread Neck Lift before & after
PDO thread neck lift by Helen Bowes

Skin tightening is particularly effective for turkey necks and sagging neck tissues. Fine threads are inserted at intervals to manipulate and tighten loose tissues, restoring more youthful dimensions to the area.

PDO thread neck lift by Helen Bowes (before and after treatment)
PDO Thread Eyebrow Lift before & after
PDO thread brow lift by Helen Bowes

PDO thread lift gives a highly effective result for eyebrow lifting. Specialist techniques by Helen Bowes will lift the perspective of the brow relative to the eyes and forehead with perfect precision.

PDO thread face lift by Helen Bowes
PDO thread face lift before & after treatment (5 point lift, nasal folds & jowl lift)
Body Contouring & Skin Tightening
PDO thread lift for arms by Helen Bowes (before and after treatment)
Abdominal skin tightening – PDO thread lift by Helen Bowes (before and after treatment)
Effective skin tightening of the abdomen/stomach – PDO thread lift by Helen Bowes. A very effective procedure for fat reduction in the belly, arms, thighs and knees. The image shows improvement following just one procedure.

Why choose Skin Beautiful Clinics for PDO thread lift?

There is no safer, more experienced nor better trained and accredited practitioner anywhere in UK than Helen Bowes for PDO thread lift and fine thread body contouring procedures. Helen Bowes in a leading global expert, masterclass trainer, researcher, medical advisory board member and Key Opinion Leader in PDO thread lift for Intraline Medical Aesthetics. We are an APDOT UK accredited clinic, and the only independently accredited PDO thread trainer anywhere in UK. APDOT is the highest level of accreditation available. Helen Bowes has been examined and scrutinized by a board of Harley Street experts for safe and effective PDO thread lift procedures and was accordingly awarded fully accredited trainer status to the Association of PDO Threads UK. The standards required for accreditation are very high, in the interests of public safety. Many doctors and nurses have failed APDOT accreditation including many that promote themselves as industry experts.


We offer the most extensive range of PDO thread lift and contouring treatments of any UK clinic. Helen Bowes is one of the very most experienced PDO thread lift practitioners in the UK and has performed well in excess of 1400 successful procedures using the world’s best quality threads, bar none. What’s more Helen’s hands are among the safest in the industry with thousands of advanced cosmetic procedures and zero injuries or complications.


Thread lift treatments

The most popular treatment performed at our clinics is the 7 point non surgical thread facelift which lifts cheeks and jowls, tightens and contours the jaw line too. Other treatments include the highly advanced 10 point thread lift, 5 point facelift, neck lift, nasolabial folds, double chin, turkey neck, eyebrow lift, forehead lines, marionette lines, peri-oral (smoker’s lines), tear troughs, abdominal skin tightening and skin tightening for the knees/thighs, ankles and arms too.


Advantages of the PDO thread lift

The PDO thread lift is a viable option for anyone who wants a longer lasting lift without undergoing surgery. Whilst it is not a replacement for surgery the thread lift has a much lower recovery time and carries less risk of complications too. Procedures take approximately 30 minutes with local anaesthetic and are at a fraction of the cost of surgery.


Results may be visible for up to 2 years, comparing favourably with BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments. The thread lift also works extremely well in combination with BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments. In particular, the lift is complimented perfectly by the volume and hydration from dermal fillers to give a more rounded youthful appearance.


PDO thread lift versus Silhouette Soft

PDO threads have a number of notable advantages over Silhouette Soft. Results from PDO thread therapy may last for 2 years compared with approximately 12-18 months for Silhouette Soft. There are differences in design too. Silhouette Soft threads contain cones to hold them in place but without an anchoring point. PDO threads are designed with soft 3 dimensional barbs and are anchored to give a lasting tissue lift. The advantage of barbs over cones is in the way they hold and manipulate tissue. The manipulation of the threads actually causes trauma under the skin. This trauma is an essential part of neo collagenesis and the barbs give better collagen regrowth by comparison, mainly due to their design. This in turn gives a longer lasting result. Polydioxanone as a materiel provides higher tensile strength compared to Poly L-lactic acid used in Silhouette Soft threads. Poly L-lactic acid threads have also been shown to cause granuloma, can slip or re-position following insertion, give increased puckering and may be visible on the surface.


Why our threads are superior to all others

We use the world’s best quality CE marked fine threads designed and manufactured only in South Korea. These threads are proven to be not only the strongest but also give the best lift and tightening thanks to their uniquely designed 3D barbs and cogs. Our PDO threads are long lasting and fully biodegradable too.


Numerous problems with other thread types have been reported in the past. Some would break prematurely (especially the older polypropylene threads), whilst others would cause puckering of the skin. Many of today’s threads manufactured from poly L-Lactic acid can also give nodules and other complications years after treatment. The key to a successful thread face lift is neo collagenesis or the process of trauma and collagen regrowth. No other fine thread brand or design aids the same level of collagenesis as our chosen PDO threads.


More about the PDO thread lift

Thread lifts are only slightly more invasive than Botox and dermal filler procedures. The lift is achieved by new collagen formation around the area where threads are placed. The PDO material is a main constituent of surgical sutures (medical stitches) which gradually dissolve to leave natural collagen in place.


How safe are PDO thread lift procedures?

Thread lift procedures are very safe when performed by a suitably trained and qualified medical aesthetics practitioner and one with a knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the area to be treated and correct technique. Polydioxanone threads have a proven safety record in suturing procedures. The procedures are performed under an oral nerve block or similar local anaesthetic and so it is important that the practitioner is trained and competent in prescribing and administering the anaesthetic too.


We would encourage any person considering a thread lift to ask for evidence of the practitioner’s training at a medical level, by a certified and accredited expert and in the exact procedure in question. Clients should also ask to see evidence of the practitioner’s work before deciding on a procedure.


What accreditation, training and qualifications in PDO thread lift procedures do you have?

We are a fully accredited APDOT UK specialist clinic for safe and effective PDO thread lift procedures, and a trained and certified specialist clinic for NeoDr PDO threads. Helen Bowes is a certified master class PDO thread lift trainer for all fine thread contouring, body contouring, face and neck lift procedures. Certification for the procedures was awarded by NeoCosmedix Europe under the training of Dr Jacques Otto, an internationally renowned expert speaker and trainer in PDO thread lifting and Platelet Rich Plasma and Professor Syed Haq a leading international expert in body thread contouring.

Thread lift treatment options
• 3, 5, 7 & 10 point face lift
• Upper/mid cheek lift
• Neck lift
• Double chin lift
• Jowl lift/jaw line tightening
• Nasolabial fold correction
• Marionette lines correction
• Lip contouring & definition
• Eyebrow lift
• Tear trough correction
• Decolletage
• Stomach/abdominal lift
• Arms skin tightening
• Knee & thigh lift
• Ankle lift (cankles)

Portfolio of needle mastery
• Helen Bowes – expert in advanced &
complex dermal fillers & PDO thread lift
• See our genuine before & after images


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• Our safe & insured clinics

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