Non Surgical Nose Remodelling (Rhinoplasty)

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What is non surgical nose reshaping?

A non surgical nose reshaping (non surgical rhinoplasty, non surgical nose job) is an advanced dermal filler technique to correct, straighten or enhance the appearance or profile of the nose. The procedure involves a series of expertly placed dermal filler injections. These are placed at intervals according to the exact procedure being performed.

What kind of corrections can you perform?

There are several treatment options for non surgical rhinoplasty. Protrusions and deformities of the dorsum: nasal bone and septum can be softened and straightened, both vertically and laterally. The bridge of the nose (radix) can also be filled, augmented or softened to enhance the profile of the nose bridge and glabella relative to the forehead.

Are non surgical nose job treatments suitable for me?

Our non surgical dermal filler treatments are suitable for a range of nasal profile abnormalities.


Treatments for the nose bridge giving a more augmented appearance to the radix are popular with oriental clients, and particularly our Chinese clients. This in effect can moderate the flat facial profile, giving a more pronounced, ‘Western’ appearance to the nose bridge.


The dorsum of the nose (from bridge to tip) can be softened and straightened to even out protrusions and asymmetry following an injury to leave the nose looking straighter and less angular.

How long do non surgical nose job treatments last?

The longevity of treatments varies according to several factors. Most treatments last for between 6-9 months, but are dependent on the exact filler used, the lifestyle of the client as well as certain metabolic and genetic factors.

Are non surgical nose reshaping treatments safe?

Non surgical rhinoplasty is a safe procedure when performed by a suitably experienced and qualified, specialist practitioner who follows correct protocol.


This specialised procedure should not be undertaken by any practitioner, regardless of medical background unless they have training and certification in these kind of non surgical procedures. At the very least you should insist on seeing evidence of the practitioner’s work and qualifications specifically relating to advanced dermal filler procedures.

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