Non Surgical Facelift

Signature non surgical facelift by HELEN BOWES – expert in advanced and complex dermal filler procedures | Liquid facelift

6 & 8 point non surgical facelift | Clinically developed by HELEN BOWES | Exclusive to Skin Beautiful Clinics

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Signature Treatments by HELEN BOWES – 6 & 8 point non surgical facelift

Our signature treatments introduce an unparalleled level of needling mastery. The non surgical facelift by HELEN BOWES is available as either 6 or 8 point options.

Signature 6 point facelift by HELEN BOWES

The 6 point facelift is designed to lift cheeks, tighten jaw line and correct nasal folds.

Prices from £649

Signature 8 point facelift by HELEN BOWES


The ultimate in non surgical dermal filler treatments. The 8 point lift will lift and volumise cheeks whilst addressing nasal folds, tightening the jaw line and lifting sagging jowls too.

Prices from £799
Advanced facial contouring & sculpting • Liquid facelift by HELEN BOWES
Clinically developed by HELEN BOWES

A non surgical facelift is one of the most advanced dermal filler procedures in medical aesthetics. The complex structure and contours of the face calls for a range of expert needling techniques. From restoring and enhancing natural contours, to lifting and sculpting whilst respecting 3-dimensional symmetry – a technique mastered and clinically developed by Helen Bowes.

Which products do we use?

Juvederm Voluma and Volift are the products of choice for our signature 6 & 8 point non surgical facelifts. In clinical tests both of these products have been shown to last beyond 12 months.

How long does the treatment take

The injections alone take only half an hour. However, we ask clients to allow at least 90 minutes as we undertake a lengthy medical consultation involving in depth discussion of every aspect of the treatment. This treatment can be provided on the day. However, as with all our treatments it is subject to consultation.

Treatment recommendations

It is recommended that a non surgical facelift treatment is administered separately from other dermal fillers treatments. There are many options for clients seeking this treatment and we offer a flexible, client centred approach to achieve the best possible results for any given facial profile.


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