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What is lip contouring?

Lip contouring (sometimes referred to as lip definition) is an advanced non surgical, dermal filler treatment which gives distinct definition to the border outline of the lips. It is a very popular treatment with both men and women. Lip contouring can achieve not only a beautiful lip outline (cupid’s bow) but can also reduce perioral lines (smoker’s lines) above the upper lip and improve definition to the lower philtrum (channel between nose and upper lip).

Lip contouring treatments

Lip contouring treatments involve a series of high quality dermal filler injections at precise points along the lip border outline. These gently redefine the contour shape of the lips. Lip contouring treatments last approximately 6-9 months. Most clients take treatments approximately twice per year to mainain the aesthetic appearance.

How will the results look?

Lip contouring is a highly creative cosmetic treatment that offers potential for a range of exciting results. Anything from a subtle cupid’s bow to a more pronounced vermilion border and philtrum is achievable. Lip contouring treatments alone do not add any fullness or volume to lips, but are highly effective when combined with lip augmentation treatments.

Who should have treatment?

Lip contouring is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is particularly recommended for men or women who have visible lip lines (smoker’s lines) and those who want a more defined philtrum or border between the upper lip and philtrum.

Treatment recommendations

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Lip contouring is almost always combined with lip augmentation as a complete lip enhancement. Whilst augmentation gives fullness, volume, plumpness or pout to the lips, lip contouring can accentuate the effect of fuller lips by increasing definition against the facial background. Thus, the edge of the lips become more pronounced. Lip contouring is also recommended in combination with neighbouring areas of the lower face: mouth lines (marionette lines), nasolabial folds and jaw definition. The effect of treating these neighbouring areas together gives balance to the lower face.


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