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Lip augmentation & correction by Helen Bowes (before & after treatment)

NATURAL LIPS Sculpted by Helen Bowes

Plumped lips are equally popular among our celebrity clients and young ladies alike. Helen Bowes has performed hundreds of lip augmentation treatments, achieving great results, thanks to her unique injecting techniques.

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation (lip plumping, lip fillers, lip enlargement) is an advanced non surgical cosmetic procedure using dermal fillers to give fullness and volume to the lips. Lip augmentation is extremely popular with young ladies wanting bigger lips and a fuller pout. It is also popular with both men and women with thin lips or an imbalance between lower and upper lip. lip augmentation can add volume to correct this. Lips lose volume with age and can exhibit unwanted characteristics such as lipstick bleed lines. Lip augmentation treatments can restore lips to give a softer, fuller more youthful appearance.

Always choose a properly qualified lip expert!

Lip augmentation is not just about increasing the size or dimensions of lips by randomly filling with a needle or cannula. Neither is it about guesswork. Many aesthetics practitioners now offer lip augmentation treatments. However, the majority of practitioners have no independent medical aesthetics training or qualifications relating specifically to this advanced and delicate procedure. The lips have a much higher concentration of blood vessels relative to other treatment areas. Aside from poor results the risk of unwanted side effects such as bruising, lumps and bumps are more likely where a practitioner is not expertly trained in dermal filler lip augmentation procedures.

Are lip augmentation injections painful?

Discomfort is significantly reduced through our own clinically developed injecting techniques. It is further reduced by the application of anaesthetic cream. Dermal filler choice also plays its part in reducing discomfort further. Products such as Juvéderm Ultra Smile, Juvéderm Volbella and Restylane for lips are specially formulated for lip plumping and contain lidocaine which numbs the lips further during the injection process.

How long does a lip augmentation last?

Lip augmentation treatments last for approximately 6 months with some lasting longer. The exact duration will depend on the choice of product used and other factors such as the lifestyle and metabolism of the client. Most of our clients take treatments approximately twice per year to retain the aesthetic appearance.

How will the results look?

Lip augmentation offers the potential for exciting and creative results. This could be a subtle fullness, a hint of volume to thin lips, a rebalancing between top and bottom lip, or a full pout. A single syringe provides enough plumping for most clients. However, for BIG LIPS a second syringe may be required.


For a truly professional finish we recommend combining lip augmentation with one of our expert lip contouring treatments. For the ultimate lip filler finish see our exclusive, clinically developed LIPS! by HELEN BOWES treatments.

Who should have treatment?

Lip augmentation is suitable for everyone: young women wanting big lips or a more pronounced pout, men and women with thin lips or with an upper – lower lip imbalance. It’s also ideal for those who want to revitalise lips for a younger, fuller and more hydrated look.


Book your free initial consultation for lip augmentation with Helen Bowes at any one of our clinics in Exeter Milton Keynes, Bristol Coventry, Swansea, Bedford – Luton, Warwick – Stratford, Daventry, Carmarthen, Neath or Llanelli.

Lip augmentation by Helen Bowes
No bleeding, bruising, lumps or bumps!

Watch Helen Bowes perform a perfect lip augmentation with advanced needling techniques.


No cannula or dental block required! Helen’s expert knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lips and specialist injecting techniques help minimise patient discomfort whilst achieving better cosmetic results than is ever possible with a cannula.

Advanced lip augmentation with dermal fillers
Treatment recommendations

Many clinics offer basic lip augmentation treatments. These are generically advertised as lip enhancement or lip injections. These treatments plump the lips but cause loss of shape, symmetry and natural contours. Our advanced lip solutions will give you all the plumping pout you want but with beautifully defined natural lip contours too.


LIPS! by HELEN BOWES® For the ultimate lip enhancement. This innovative, market leading dermal filler treatment is the complete lip solution. Full, naturally plump lips with perfectly defined contours.


Clinically developed by expert medical aesthetics practitioner Helen Bowes. These treatments are exclusive to Skin Beautiful clinics.

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Lip augmentation is almost always treated together with lip contouring. Whilst augmentation gives fuller, plumper lips, the contouring gives definition to the lip outline. Lip augmentation is also recommended as a treatment package together with cheek augmentation and jaw definition to compliment the youthful V-effect look.


Lip augmentation is also a highly effective anti ageing treatment, particularly for clients who have less visible facial lines and wrinkles but want to add vigour and restore volume to look more youthful.


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