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We have performed close to 1000 lip filler treatments in UK without a single injury or complication. Helen Bowes injecting skills and experience allow us to offer not one but 9 different types of lip enhancement including philtrum definition with dermal filler injections. We also have an option for lip enhancement with PDO threads to sharpen and define the cupid’s bow as well as combination lip filler and PDO thread treatments.

What is a lip enhancement?

Lip enhancements are advanced dermal fillers treatments that can be grouped into two categories: Lip augmentation – plumping to add volume, fullness or ‘pout’ to the lips and Lip contouring – intricate needling to shape the outline of the lips; particularly the philtrum, vermilion border, cupid’s bow and upturned smile. We offer 9 different types of lip enhancement. More than any other clinic! We can achieve many different results, especially when combining lip treatments. lip enhancements are especially popular among young ladies and gents and those with thin or unbalanced lips.

Lips say so much

There are many reasons to enhance lips. Some clients seek a fuller, plumper, more volumised look to the lips, others desire more beautifully defined lip contours. For some, the lips are a symbol of youth and vitality. For the lips receive much attention. From passing smiles to conversations the lips are the centre of attention for many an interaction. Full of expression, the lips are one of our most prominent facial features.


Lip enhancements are not only about size. Lips are both highly individual and expressive too. Much of that expression comes from lip shape and definition. When in conversation with others our lips are at their most expressive, changing shape constantly as we talk. It’s one of many characteristics that distinguishes us as individuals. With our range of lip enhancements your lips will be as individual and expressive as you are.

Choose from our 8 types of lip enhancement

Whether you want a subtle lip enhancement, expert contouring around the lips (cupid’s bow definition, philtrum definition, vermilion border, upturned smile) or our advanced 3D sculpting we can create almost any shape lips. We also offer a range of lip enhancements with PDO threads.


Lip fillers without proper contouring can cause your lips to lose their natural shape. Read our blog to find out more:

Why other clinics lip fillers are only half the job
Can you perform celebrity lip enhancements?

In many cases we can create lips similar, if not identical in both shape and size to your chosen celebrity. Many of the lip shapes seen on today’s iconic celebrities can be achieved through precise needling and sculpting lip enhancement techniques much like 3D vectoring to create 3-dimensional shape and symmetry.

Are lip enhancements painful?

Thanks to our advanced injecting techniques, many of which have been developed exclusively at our clinics, patient discomfort is significantly reduced without the need for a cannula or dental block. The application of anesthetic cream further reduces discomfort. In addition, many of today’s leading dermal fillers Juvéderm Ultra Smile, Juvéderm Volift, Restylane Kysse, Teosyal Kiss, etc contain lidocaine which reduces discomfort even further still at the point of injection.


Other clinics’ basic lip enhancement (lip fillers) treatments plump up lips, but that’s only half the job. They are not effective in maintaining shape, symmetry or natural lip contours. You want lips that are both plump and full with well defined contours. That’s why we’ve developed our very own LIPS! by HELEN BOWES treatments.


Clinically developed by expert practitioner Helen Bowes these unique treatments are exclusive to Skin Beautiful clinics.


For more information see:

Lip enhancement by Helen Bowes
No bleeding, bruising, lumps or bumps!

Watch Helen Bowes perform a perfect lip augmentation treatment using advanced needling techniques.


No cannula or dental block required! Helen’s expert knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lips and specialist injecting techniques help minimise patient discomfort whilst achieving better cosmetic results than is ever possible with a cannula.

Advanced lip augmentation with dermal fillers
Complete lip solutions
Choose from our range of lip filler treatments:
• Lip Sculpting
• Lip Shaping
• Lip Contouring
• Lip Definition
cupid’s bow, philtrum definition, vermilion
• Lip augmentation
plumping and volume for LUSCIOUS LIPS!
Ultimate lip enhancement! Full, plump lips
with beautifully sculpted lip contours.
• Upturned Smile
Lip enhancement treatments

Add volume enhancement for fuller plumper lips. Rebalance top and bottom lip.
Lip augmentation treatments


Expert lip contouring, shaping & sculpting. Add shape & definition to lip outline contours including vermilion border, philtrum and cupids bow.
Lip contouring treatments