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What is jaw definition?

Jaw definition (sometimes referred to as jaw reduction, jaw contouring or non surgical facelift) is an advanced non surgical, cosmetic aesthetics treatment which gives shape and definition to the jaw line. Jaw definition treatment is often referred to as a non surgical facelift as it appears to lift jowls and tighten the jaw area leaving a smoother, straighter jaw contour line.


Jaw definition is part of the ‘V-effect’, a non surgical restoration of the narrow jaw and high cheeks. The diminishing jaw line and appearance of jowls (sagging cheeks) are features that become ever more prevalent with age.

Who should have treatment?

There are several reasons to have jaw definition treatment. It is popular with clients of all ages seeking a more defined look to the jaw line. For clients with visible jowls jaw definition can correct this by restoring the original contour of the jaw line. Clients who are considering a cheek augmentation treatment or a full non surgical facelift should also think about this in conjunction with a jaw definition treatment.

Treatment recommendations

Jaw lines and jowls may be treated alone or in combination with other areas. Jaw definition is particularly effective when combined with other volumising or lifting treatments such as cheek augmentation and lip augmentation as part of the ‘V-effect’.


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