Intravenous Nutrition Therapy (Vitamin Injections)

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The UK safest IV nutrition clinic

We provide 9 different intravenous nutrition cocktails in Exeter, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Bournemouth & Poole, Warwick, Swansea. All procedures are administered by an experienced ITU critical care nurse with NHS IV pack certification and Intravita certification. Unlike competitor clinics we do not use shared drip and chill lounges, with several patients sharing a room. Our procedures are performed in private medical environments and only ever on a one to one basis with an ITU nurse. IV nutrition can be extremely dangerous if not administered correctly. Most nurses are not qualified to administer IV lines in the NHS as they do not have IV certification and have no experience of setting up an IV line. Helen Bowes has set up hundreds of IV lines both in the NHS and in clinic without a single complication.

What is Intravenous nutrition therapy?

IV nutrition therapy (vitamin infusion/vitamin injections/micro nutrient therapy) is a procedure whereby high doses of natural vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids are administered directly into the bloodstream by one of two methods: an intravenous drip or by an IV push.


BUY 7 IV NUTRITION COCKTAILS AND GET THE 8TH FREE! Buy a course of 7 or more vitamin infusions/IV nutrition cocktails (IV drip or IV push) and get another one free. Pay as you go. No advance payment required. Offer is valid at all Skin Beautiful clinics (excludes vitamin B12 shots).

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

It is estimated that up to 85% of nutrients ingested through the gastrointestinal tract never reach the bloodstream and therefore have no benefit to health. IV vitamin therapy offers the very same nutrients as found naturally in food and nutritional supplements, but at much higher doses and with 100% absorption. In addition, exceptionally high doses of nutrients in the gut can cause problems and can even be hazardous to health. For example, the NHS website states that 1000mg of vitamin C orally ingested can cause stomach pain and diarrhea. By administering vitamins directly into the bloodstream we not only avoid the problems of gastrointestinal ingestion but can also administer much higher doses.


Originally developed in the USA in the 1960’s IV nutrition has long been used by celebrities. The concept is somewhat newer in Europe and UK but is gaining popularity particularly among sports professionals, business executives and celebrities alike. It is estimated that many sports professionals spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds every month on nutritional supplements to aid in recovery. With up to 85% of the ingested nutrients never reaching the bloodstream the cost effectiveness is incomparable to IV nutrition.

How can intravenous nutrition therapy benefit me?

We offer the widest range of specially formulated vitamin, mineral and amino acid cocktails for IV drip and IV push:


• Ultimate classic
A balanced combination for all round improved function and well being.
• Anti ageing drip
Reverse the visible signs of ageing.
• Athlete/Sports professional drip
Speed up recovery time between sessions. Quicker injury recovery.
• Energy boost drip
Increase energy levels throughout the day.
• Diet & detox drip
Detoxify your body with our balanced dietary formula.
• Immune system drip
Improve immunity against a whole range of diseases including the common cold.
• Relaxation drip
Improve relaxation and aid better sleep.
• Anti oxidant drip
Strengthen your protection against pollution and free radicals.
• Hair Restoration
Specially formulated cocktail for hair loss prevention and regrowth.
Boost your intake of this super nutrient amino acid.
• B12 vitamin booster
Ideal for vegans and vegitarians. Fend off certain anaemia.

Natural healthy treatments for sports professionals, executives and for super health

The advantages of IV nutrition are many and researchers are discovering new ways we can benefit from them very day. From fighting disease to aiding sports injury repair, IV nutrition promotes not just good health but super health! By administering such high doses of nutrients directly into the bloodstream and maintaining these levels of micro nutrients one can experience a level of health and well being unachievable with traditional supplements.

Specialist medical training and certification for IV nutrition therapy

We are the UK’s safest and very best trained clinic across our range of treatments and IV nutrition is no exception to that rule. Training and certification was awarded by UK leading training company Intravita through international IV nutrition expert Dr Jacques Otto.

The best quality IV nutrition from the UK leading supplier

Every IV nutritional supplement we provide is manufactured to the highest standards throughout the industry. All products are supplied directly from Intravita, the UK’s leading IV nutrition therapy supplier. When it comes to quality and consistency Intravita leave no stone unturned. Aside from having their very own manufacturing plant in Germany Dr Gammell and colleagues regularly visit the plant to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Safety issues with IV nutrition therapy

Although IV nutrition involves the administration of natural vitamins it is absolutely vital that they are obtained, prescribed and administered only by a suitably qualified medical professional. There are occasions when high doses of nutrients may not be suitable, for example for persons taking certain prescription medicines. In addition it is vital that the practitioner administering the nutrients understands how to mix them with sterile water for injection and how to set up an IV medical drip.


Helen Bowes has a background in critical care nursing and a vast experience of setting up IV drips and dealing with complications in the hospital environment. She has full IV pack certification from her NHS nursing role – most nurses don’t have this. In addition Helen is a qualified nurse prescriber in aesthetic medicine. Together with her outstanding training and certification through Dr Samantha Gammell, Helen is experienced, competent and qualified in prescribing and administering IV nutrition therapy at the very highest level.

Benefits of IV nutrition therapy

• Safe in very high doses
• 100% absorption
• Zero toxicity
• Achieve super health
• From UK No.1 supplier
• Manufactured in Germany
• No gastrointestinal problems
• No wastage
• Specially formulated cocktails


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