Lip Lines (Perioral Lines)

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Lip (perioral) lines
What are lip lines?

Lip lines (sometimes referred to as peri-oral lines or smoker’s lines) are facial lines or wrinkles that extend vertically from the outline of the upper lip. The appearance of lip lines is associated with pursing of the lips.


As with other facial lines and wrinkles lip lines become more prevalent with age, due in part to the changing elasticity of the skin.

Treatment for lip lines

Lip lines are mostly superficial wrinkles and so are normally treated with a series of BOTOX® (botulinum toxin type A) injections at the point of the lines.

How will the results look?

In most cases lip lines can be completely, temporarily erradicated with BOTOX® injections. Many clients experience high satisfaction following a single treatment and then return 3-4 times per year for additional treatments to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Treatment recommendations

Lip lines may be treated alone or as part of an anti ageing treatment package. They are often treated together with the three main upper facial areas: crows feet, forehead lines and glabellar lines mainly because these areas tend to be similarly visible at a given age.


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