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Corrective procedures for bad BOTOX® & dermal filler treatments

If you’ve had a cosmetic treatment with another clinic or practitioner that has gone wrong then we provide a range of high quality solutions specifically for your needs. Bad BOTOX® or dermal filler treatments can leave your face looking uneven, assymetric or swollen for a period of up to six months or even longer if not attended to.

Why do cosmetic treatments go wrong?

Most errors with BOTOX® dermal fillers or other cosmetic injectable treatments occur as a result of incorrect injection techniques, misplaced product, needle trauma or injury, or wrong choice of product or injectable instrument.


A suitably qualified specialist medical aesthetics practitioner should be competent in every aspect of practice. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are many reasons for this, but most commonly: improper training and/or lack of knowledge of the specific procedure; inexperience and/or inability with advanced needling procedures; absence of aseptic techniques and/or unsterile environment; a poor or rushed consultation/practitioner with inadequate consulting skills.

What standards can I expect from you?
As with all our treatments you can expect very high standards of workmanship. Your treatment will be carried out safely and professionally by our expert practitioner Helen Bowes who is both trained and experienced specifically in advanced corrective procedures.
How can I fix a bad BOTOX® or filler treatment?

We have a range of advanced procedures to correct cosmetic defects from BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments. Our structured consultation process provides expert confidential advice and is designed to restore confidence in both the client-practitioner relationship and non surgical cosmetic treatments.


Most dermal filler treatments can be corrected either by further injections to restore facial balance, evenness and symmetry or by dissolving the product where applicable. Many bad BOTOX® treatments can be corrected too. We can also treat some injuries from beauty treatments such as waxing, tanning and some laser treatments.


The provision of corrective treatments as with all of our medical and cosmetic procedures is subject to face to face examination and consultation.

Don’t be put off by bad experiences

Sadly, many clients are put off having further cosmetic treatments because of bad experiences and outcomes at other clinics. For some the very mention of the words BOTOX® or dermal fillers have become taboo. In such cases it is important to recognise that the clinic or practitioner is at faualt rather than the product. Both BOTOX® and dermal fillers are very safe when handled correctly.

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