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What is a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation (also referred to as chin enhancement, chin implants, chin fillers or chin definition) is an advanced non surgical, dermal filler treatment which enhances the shape, size and/or perspective of the chin. Chin augmentation.


Chin augmentation can improve the facial profile where the chin is less prominent than its neighbouring areas. It is particularly effective for round faced profiles.

Who should have treatment?

Chin augmentation treatments are popular amongst men and women of all ages. For anyone with a round facial profile a chin enhancement can give a subtle definition whereby improving the balance between chin and other facial features.

Chin augmentation treatments

Chin augmentation involves a series of high quality dermal fillers injections which effectively contour the chin to give a better definition to the area. Chin augmentation treatments may last approximately 6 to 9 months, depending on the choice of dermal filler. Most clients take treatments twice per year to retain the aesthetic appearance.

How will the results look?

Following a chin augmentation treatment the chin will have a more defined profile, possibly with a slight protrusion. The actual result will depend on specific client requirements. Many clients experience high satisfaction after just one treatment. Further treatments may be necessary to reach the desired effect depending on the client’s expectations and depth of augmentation required.

Treatment recommendations

Chin augmentation may be taken as a single treatment or in combination with other facial areas. Chin augmentation is particularly effective when combined with Jaw definition or cheek augmentation treatments. The combination of two or more of these treatments creates the perfect balance in the facial profile between chin, jaw line and cheeks, accentuating lift and enhancing the youthful appearance.


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