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What is cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is an advanced dermal filler treatment that enhances the cheeks by increasing volume, making the upper cheek appear fuller. Cheek augmentation gives the appearance of a more defined cheek, often associated with youth. Cheek augmentation is perhaps the most effective way to add lost volume back to the face as the cheeks are such a large and prominent facial feature.

The ‘V’ effect

Nothing defines youth quite like a high and prominent cheekbone. For many, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but expresses radiance and well being. For ladies, a well defined cheekbone suggests not only a youthful appearance but is the essence of feminine beauty. When she smiles the cheeks are full and vibrant. For the man, a prominent cheekbone is the sign of youthful maculinity. Coupled with a well defined jaw line, it symbolises all about him that is the ‘V’ effect


The V effect is the facial profile of a narrower, more defined jaw line and prominent cheeks. This profile largely diminishes with age, through loss of volume in the mid and upper face, and is often replaced by unwelcome jowls and less prominent cheeks. However, lost volume can be restored to these areas through advanced non surgical techniques.

Cheek augmentation treatments

Cheek augmentation is given as a series of high quality dermal filler injections. We use market leading products such as Juvederm Voluma, Radiesse and Restylane Sub-Q to provide lasting results. Depending on the product used results may last for between 6-12 months.

Who should have treatment?

Cheek augmentation is a very popular non surgical treatment which falls into two client categories: either anti ageing to replenish lost volume to a once fuller cheek profile, or volumisation to introduce volume definition to the cheek of a flat facial profile.

How will the results look?

Cheeks really can look fantastic! The results are instant and look incredibly natural. Not only do they reshape the face, but provide excellent anti ageing too. When combined with other volumising treatments cheek augmentation can really define a more youthful outline to the facial profile.

Treatment recommendations Cheek augmentation provides many excellent treatment options. Cheeks can either be treated alone or in combination with several neighbouring or associated areas.

For example: take the V effect. For an effective anti ageing treatment package then combine cheek augmentation with lip augmentation and/or jaw definition. For other anti ageing treatment packages then combine cheek augmentation with skin rejuvenation or facial lines & wrinkles


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