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Before your treatment

When we consult with clients we have one single goal in mind – to find the safest, most appropriate and cost effective treatment for each and every client. Guided by clinical evidence, we offer open and no obligation consultations to all. Our consultations are engineered to offer both flexibility and consistency across our range of clinics and expansive client base. So great is the emphasis we place on consultations that we consider them to be the single most important part of the service we provide.

Why do we consult?

Before we meet clients for the first time we don’t know anything about them. A consultation allows the practitioner to understand the requirements and expectations of the client, and given certain limitations, how we can meet those expectations safely and appropriately.


As a clinic that provides medical procedures it is essential that we evaluate risks and suitability to the wide range of treatments we offer. We take nothing for granted, as the human body is a complexity of ever changing states. Whether you are completely new to medical cosmetic procedures or have treatment routinely, we consult openly with all clients and with the very same goal in mind – each time, every time!

What should a consultation cover?

A consultation must always be performed by a suitably trained and competent medical professional, operating within their rightful field of practice.


At the very least the consultation must contain the following elements:
• Evaluation of the concerns/condition and expectations
• Overview of medical history
• Physical examination of treatment areas
• A comprehensive risk assessment
• Product selection
• Full explanation of proposed procedure(s) including all costs
• Informed consent to treatment

What should I expect from a consultation at a Skin Beautiful Clinic?

We consult at the very highest level in the medical aesthetics industry to provide the safest, most appropriate and cost effective treatments to our clients. Our practitioner Helen Bowes has performed thousands of medical aesthetics consultations and is a qualified prescriber in the field of aesthetic medicine. You will therefore be in consultation with a practitioner whose field of expertise is aesthetic medicine, not general practice, dental practice or another branch of nursing. Our clients are assured of a comprehensive assessment and the most suitable treatments from one of the widest treatment portfolios and the very safest hands in the industry.


Traditional consulting centres around a foundation of general practice with potentially no understanding of aesthetic medicine. Our consultations have been clinically developed by Helen Bowes around her expert knowledge of aesthetic medicine prescribing. With thousands of medical cosmetic procedures to date and zero injuries or complications it is no accident that Helen Bowes has such an enviable record for safety and correctness. We are absolutely confident that there are no better consultations to be found elsewhere.

How much does a consultation cost?

Our consultations are provided free with every procedure or prescribed product when taken within 28 days of initial consultation. Consultations taken without any treatment are £50 for a standard consultation and £75 for specialist consultations (i.e for corrective procedures, secondary consultations, etc).


***PLEASE NOTE*** We regret that for safety reasons we are unable to consult with any client for injury or complication following treatment administered by beauty therapists, semi permanent make up artists, or other non medical aesthetics practitioners. This group of non medical aesthetics practitioners are unable to conduct medical consultations, assess risk, prescribe or provide medical treatment plans. It is a requirement of the clinic that we must access medical treatment records from the previous practitioner for injuries or complications.

How do I book a consultation appointment?

Simply call our direct line to book a no obligation consultation at ay one of our 11 clinics. Calls are centralised allowing clients to book at any clinic via a single number. We also accept email bookings and enquiries (please state your preferred clinic).


All new clients are required to pay a £50 deposit in advance to book an appointment. The deposit is non refundable but fully decuctible from treatment cost and can be held for up to 28 days from the date of consultation.

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Consultation Checklist

• Introduction by practitioner
• Evaluation of concerns
• Discuss expectations
• Medical history
• Physical examination
• Risk assessment
• Discuss treatment options & cost
• Informed consent


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