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Helen Bowes RGN BSc NISP AMAP | Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner | BOTOX® & dermal fillers | Registered Nurse Prescriber

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About Skin Beautiful Medical & Cosmetic Clinic

We are the largest and most sucessful single practitioner medical and cosmetic skin clinic in the UK. We’re highly respected throughout the country for our advanced and complex dermal filler procedures and our PDO thread facelift. We are the only clinic in the UK to have clinically developed our own advanced dermal filler systems for lips, cheeks and the non surgical facelift. We also lead the way in specialist medical aesthetics training as one of very few clinics in the UK to possess specialist medical aesthetics qualifications for every treatment we provide.


Our emphasis has always been on the correctness, precision and quality of the treatments and consultations we provide rather than on lavish clinics and furnishings. As a result, we are able to spend a higher percentage of turnover on specialist medical training than other clinics and practitioners.

The most consistent clinical service anywhere in UK

Having 12 clinics and one practitioner is a strain at times but the result is a unique practitioner with vast knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics; and because every clinic, every treatment and every client is under the care of a single practitioner our clients receive the most complete and consistent consultations and treatment plans possible. No other UK clinic provides the same level of consistency across a range of medical aesthetics procedures and for such a large geographical area.


Every procedure we provide is certified by the best medical training companies in the UK, and beyond. It’s something we insist upon. We belong to the Allergan medical institute and are an official authorised clinic for NeoDR™ PDO threads, Teosyal Redensity II (the world’s only approved tear trough filler), Obagi™ Medical, ME Line™ medical skin care, Intravita™ IV nutrition drips, Skin Synergy™ and Genuine Dermaroller™.


We provide an extensive range of advanced BOTOX®, dermal fillers, PDO thread facelift and fine thread body contouring, skin rejuvenation and medical skin care treatments (both prescribed and non prescribed) for dermatological skin conditions.

Introducing Helen Bowes RGN, BSc (hons), NISP, PGCert. NMP, AMAP (Clinical Director & CEO)

Helen Bowes is highly respected throughout the UK as one of the most gifted and creative medical aesthetics practitioners. In 2015 Helen was offered a prestigious role with Allergan (the manufacturer of BOTOX® and Juvederm) as an international trainer for doctors, nurses and dentists.


Helen is a registered general nurse and qualified nurse independent & supplementary prescriber (aesthetic medicine). Her independent medical aesthetics qualifications were gained through Dr. Kate Goldie, one of the world’s leading medical aesthetics experts and Dr Jacques Otto the world’s leading expert in non surgical PDO fine thread facelift. Helen holds certificates in BOTOX®, dermal fillers, advanced BOTOX® and dermal fillers procedures, PDO fine thread contouring (Master class), intravenous nutrition therapy (IV vitamin infusions), tear trough correction (Teosyal Redensity II) along with a host of other medical skin care and dermatological certificates including collagen regeneration, Obagi™ chemical peels and collagen enhancing dermal fillers.


Helen is exceptionally gifted with needle in hand and can produce some incredible cosmetic results. Her needle mastery means she can perform advanced and complexdermal fillers procedures that no other practitioner in the UK can. Thanks to Helen’s exceptional needling skills many clients have reported superior results and significantly less bruising and swelling when migrating to us from other clinics or practitioners.

There is no safer pair of hands than Helen Bowes!

We are one of the very safest and best trained medical aesthetics clinics anywhere in the UK. With zero injuries or complications from thousands of procedures Helen Bowes has a well deserved reputation for safety and correctness. In fact there is no safer pair of hands than Helen Bowes in the medical aesthetics industry. All in all we are absolutely confident you won’t find better quality treatments at any other clinic.

Concerns about safety, treatment standards, regulation and qualifications?

Our standards and consistency are exceptionally high, from our consultations, treatments, professional training, clinical hygiene and ethical practice right through to our scientific research and customer care. We know that many first time clients have concerns over injury or bad treatments either through media reports or experiences at other clinics. We address these concerns directly through our consultation process and can provide evidence of our high standards of injury free treatment to all clients and for every treatment we provide!


We are a self regulating clinic, providing highest possible standards over and above current UK regulation in the medical aesthetics industry. For example, whilst the UK government has taken a softer approach we believe all practitioners must be not only medically qualified and able to consult and prescribe the products they use, but must also prove they can perform every treatment they provide before offering them to clients.

Academic and specialist qualifications

Helen Bowes has a BSc (hons) degree in adult nursing and a PG Cert. (V300) post graduate degree in non medical prescribing. She is a registered general nurse and qualified nurse independent and supplementary prescriber (Aesthetic Medicine). Helen has a wide range of experience in critical care nursing both on the hospital ward and in the community, with the NHS and various private health care roles across England & South Wales. She has worked in 2 of the UK’s largest intensive care units. She also has considerable experience of injecting, intravenous drips and dealing with all manner of complications as part of her day to day nursing role.


Find Helen Bowes on the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) register

Why are Skin Beautiful Clinics so different?

Training and qualifications are all very well, but what sets us apart as a leading clinic?


• Longer consultation times than other clinics, and our industry leading minimum consultation time guarantee
• Exclusive advanced dermal filler systems, clinically developed by Helen Bowes. Available only at our clinics
• Specialist medical aesthetics qualifications for every treatment we provide
• Visual evidence of our high standards of work for every treatment we provide


Investing in qualifications not lavish clinic furnishings and media advertising

Surprising as it may sound, we are more qualified to provide medical BOTOX®, dermal fillers and many dermatology and medical skin care treatments than many Doctors, GP’s or dentists. Neither BOTOX® nor dermal fillers procedures are taught to any doctor, dentist or nurse at university. Whilst being an essential foundation, we don’t consider a nursing or medical degree alone as sufficient in offering these highly specialised aesthetics treatments. We’ve invested heavily in the UK’s best medical aesthetics training as a way to meet our goal of excellence in medical practice. In fact, we have invested more than any other skin clinic in what matters the most – our client’s safety!

Where to find us

We operate specialist skin clinics at Exeter, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Swansea, Bedford & Luton, Warwick & Stratford, Daventry, Carmarthen, Neath, Llanelli.

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